Warranty - Rose Life

Warranty of delivery

We guarantee that your order will be delivered on time. You will be informed of your order by text message, email, messenger.


Quality assurance

We guarantee that no wilted flower will enter the bouquet you ordered. All vegetables and fruit are taken manually, without external damage. Meat products are taken only in the most fresh and vacuum-packed form. All bouquets, boxes and baskets are packed in transparent protective mica, against the protection of wind and dust.



We guarantee that your personal data is used exclusively by our company’s employees to successfully deliver. Customer data will not be transmitted to third parties unless they are necessary to provide the service requested by the customer.


Bank card security

Our company is the holder of SSL certificate.


Cancellation of the order

  • In case of a preliminary order, the cancellation must take place at least 8 hours before the order is executed.
  • If the bouquet has been collected, cancellation of the order is not possible, no refund is made.
  • If the cancellation takes place because the flowers needed for your bouquet are not in stock, we will also return you the full price of your order.

Important: To cancel an order, contact our manager in any way convenient for you.


Refund of funds

We guarantee that refunds of funds are made in full and on time (minus refund fees). Refunds are made from 1-30 days from the moment the refund application is considered.

Important: To receive your refund request, contact our manager in any way convenient for you.


Flower return

Since flowers are goods that are rapidly perishable, it is obvious that the (their) presentation or properties can only be preserved under special conditions.

Despite the fact that virtually all delivered products are not subject to return or exchange in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine - return, exchange and overbid the company makes on its own initiative, reserving the right to refuse return or exchange.

We draw your attention to the fact that live flowers belong to the category of goods not subject to return (According to the Law of Ukraine «On the Protection of Consumers' Rights» and art. 707 of the Ukrainian Civil Code, flowers cannot be exchanged or returned.


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